5G Enablement

Mobile Network Services

Mobile EDGE Computing

Providing low latency service to consumers by bringing compute close to consumers. SGT helps carriers plan, design, build and deploy these services. This helps carriers provide businesses application space to consumers.

  • IoT Gateways
  • Connected vehicles
  • Low latency gaming
  • Low latency content deliver network (CDN)



EDGE Computing

We are working with carriers to deploy Radio virtualization, Software defined radio in rolling out 5G.

—We deploy FAR EDGE in container platform

—We provide distributed container architecture

—We work on Open Stack, Kubernetes, Starline, etc.

Core network Virtualization

NFV became the core enabling technology behind the re-structuring of networks, architecture, operations, and services

We are working with carries to move core network to virtualized environment primarily Open Stack



5G Small Cell Deployment and Upgrade to 5G

We provide scale:

—Analyze readiness, design and architect to 5G upgrade. Example given the hardware- the battery requirements, equipment, cooling, architecture, work package, etc

—Power bar upgrade to bring FAR EDGE and Antenna

—Integrate 5G antenna into virtualized environment, configure, pre-harnessing and deployment